A large variety of manufacturing capabilities to finish your products

Began as a watch manufacturer, we requires a lot of manufacturing process, from leather making, plastic molding to assembling, to turn inattractive raw material into high value timepieces. Such works and knowledges provide us capabilities to suit all other customers', whether large or small job, their different manufacturing needs. Making wide range of product mixes possible.

Of course, as a small manufacturer we are not able to produce everything from raw, requiring parts, big or small, accquire from different kinds of vendors. And with the help of our long term business partners and strict incoming quality check, we are able to secure parts with high quality and competitive price. Together, we are sure we are able to provide our customers reliable, high quality, high value products and services.

We also accept incoming parts from customers, in case our purchasing service is not feasible to them, our strict quality controls ensure low failure rate of parts during manufacturing process to save customers from trouble.

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Example of our products are:

Our capabilities: