Harmon Mfy
from sketches to after sales

Begins in the year 1986, founder of Harmon Mfy begins a small company for watch and clock wholeselling in Hong Kong. Since then, the company grows from local reseller to manufacturers and exporters, the company has its focus on watches and clocks for more than 25 years.

The company did also meets valuable customers, those who are not just interested in watches and clocks, and also who gave their trusts to the company, opputunities on other business subjects, such as but not limited to purchasing, other products manufacturing, product design and solution development.

In 2007, the company begins restructured and renamed Harmon Mfy, and begin to proceed one more step to start focusing its business apart from a pure watches and clocks manufacturers to a "multi-talent", multi-product manufacturers and business solution providers.

We are aimed to provides our customers products and services not only out of values but also innovative and best suits customers' needs. We have our teams and well trained workers to provide all the necessary powers and knowledges to archieve our goal.

To see what products and services we are able to provides, please feel free to browse our webpage and click on the icons for details.